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The best things in life really are free. Spending time with your family, enjoying a good book, or simply pursuing a hobby you enjoy are all great, absolutely free things that can make you happy today. Check out more ideas below.

Dance, Drama ,Sport.


Read A Good Book. When was the last time that you actually sat down to read a good book? Pick one up off the shelf and get lost in an imaginary world.

Donate Something. When you donate something, whether it’s clothes, money, or other belongings, you can feel great knowing it’s going to a good cause.

Call An Old Friend. Think of someone who you haven’t talked to in a while. Maybe it’s a good friend or an elderly relative. Give them a call—you’ll make their day, and they’ll make yours.

Listen to A Favorite Song. Put on your favorite song! It doesn’t have to be recent. Blasts from the past are also acceptable.

Take a Picture. Make the moment last. Take a picture, and share it with friends on your social media channels.




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